Using Site5

Site5 cPanel

Rather watch a video tutorial? : Blog/Blogsite - Creating Site5 database

1.) To get to your cpanel you will go to :

2.) Under Site Admin scroll down  to MySQL Databases

Step 1 Name new database, then click on " Create Database And Add User"



Step 2 Create A MySQL User: add username and password click finish




1) Click “Appearance” on the left navigation.


2) Find the theme you purchased from IntoTheDarkroom and select “Activate”.

NOTE: the "preview" will not work.

Done and Done

Congratulations ! You are now done with the Install and ready to get started on Populating and Branding your NEW Blog

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  • Avatar
    Kaethe Richter

    what else do you have to do??

  • Avatar
    Jaime Huffman

    This seems incomplete! 

  • Avatar

    This doesn't give enough info. and I need it to finish installing my website.  :)

  • Avatar
    Daniel Paun

    This is a jump from step 2 to step 3 but nothing in between!! I have no plugins on the right hand side of my site5 panel...

  • Avatar
    Cindy Karp

    I'd like to know why i can't get a question answered, isn't there any support agent. Maybe we should ask for our money back. We are depending on your service.

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